Because I couldn’t stop myself, I stopped the world.

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Because I couldn’t stop myself, I stopped the world.

I’m always waiting for something …

… I came to this realization yesterday, thinking what was most tired of me. Namely, since the month of November, I have literally been living the dream of moving to a sandy beach shortly and doing nothing there. I have no problems with work, but the “killer” is that I couldn’t create my own time, that I was trapped by others, that I was adjusting to others.

I could hardly wait for it was Friday night so I could turn off my phone and hoped it would not be a quick Sunday night when I started preparing for the new week again.

I wanted a day when I would no longer use my phone and that my only contact with the world would be just an e-mail, which I look at 1 x a week… if!

I just couldn’t take it anymore, I didn’t know how to take a vacation because all the activities were dependent on liquidity. Anything to let go, but being very rationally organized, would be a collapse.

I just wanted to somehow stop the time, to stop the world, to rest and sleep, not to let anything go, things to fall into place, but at the same time no one demands anything from me.

Many times they have told me to watch what I wanted …

But I wanted so badly that the decree came tonight that we should be home. I don’t know who to thank, the Virus or God himself. Have I, with my strong desire, summoned this Virus and the shutdown of everything.

Yes, I can imagine that because I couldn’t stop myself, I stopped the world.

I think I have become the happiest person in the world today. Now I also know how I will use my thoughts for other wishes 😉

I myself will have no problem what to do these days because I have worked hard and I have done everything. Now I know that I just need to rest or. let all that grow, what was done.

Maybe you do, so look at the current situation. You were too hardworking and now you deserve a good rest. The award will be provided by the country in which you live.

I am now retreating to a warm bed, you can write to me at and I will definitely write to you within a week.

Good night!


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