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SiriusPersonalTransformationTM is a stand-alone method or one of the processes of the SiriusCBT methods by which is possible to thoroughly “clean” ourselves.This is a current run on the same principle as the nature of working or changes. When cleans it selves. SiriusSPTTM is based on a Methodology of workwhich are based on two perspectives:

  • Advisor as a person: You may be in a period of life forgetting yourself? As a result, you begin to have congestions, which have accumulated these psychological trashes. The method SPTTM first cleans up these bottlenecks, incurred congestions on the basis of their own fears, shadows, molds his own captivity. Also, with this method we can service clients to lead from darkness to light, from its captivity to freedom.

  • Advisor as a manager: The process becomes part of the individual as a limb, so rapid changes are not possible because when rapid changes occur it may be a rebellion. The SiriusSPTTM method is a driven process that leads top management or the owner of capital to personal growth and definition of priorities in personal and business life. There is no universal recipe; the only universal thing are the ten steps in the method SPTTM, everything else is written individually. At the same time the serviced client also learn to never again fall into the darkness, allowing us to gear dynamic model of communication (DCM).

What will you gain?

  • You will manage yourself in unexpected situations (fear, disaster, panic situations …)

  • Reduce the number of errors in rapid decision-making

  • The life problems will be approached comprehensively

  • The problems will quickly respond

  • You will learn to observe and monitor their actions You can predict response to the surroundings at their own decisions (even before you decide)

  • You will quickly perceive the needs of others

  • Manage you time

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About the Author:

Milan Krajnc is an expert in solving the challenges that arise from the interaction of different personality types within a company or organisation of any size and scope, from local to national levels. He is able to complete projects that are already being undertaken as well as initiate transformation from the very beginning. He seeks out the root of a problem and eliminates it. He is the creator of the Dynamic Leadership Model.


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    I have found that both leadership and even world record performance in international peace, acting, song and modelling is not at all non-traditionally survivable without contract, and that the good will people may have toward each other is thereby wasted in leadership, ownership and performance and critically to my personal survival, and obviously that of others.

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