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Why DLM?

The Dynamic Leadership Model is a way of working and communicating within a company that clearly defines who does what, who is responsible for what, who communicates what with whom and how that information is relayed. Through the Dynamic Leadership Model, employees are taught to express and understand information clearly.

The Dynamic Leadership Model is also a tool for implementing far-reaching changes within a company. The organisational procedures of an organisation are often a reflection of the individual personality traits of the employees. If work procedures are adjusted to individuals, the essence of the company gets lost. By using the Dynamic Leadership Model we detect problem areas and transform them in a way that is beneficial to both management and employees.

The dynamic model of communication reaches its mature phase when it becomes a prevailing part of the operations of an organisation. This is the crucial point at which all the changes that were planned are brought into the organisation, when the flow of information and procedures are transparent. It is only at this point when we can say that the company as a whole is functioning according to the Dynamic Leadership Model.

The Dynamic Leadership Model (DLM) is a business leadership paradigm based on the laws of nature – it is a translator of different languages into a single universal language. Using DLM, communication on various levels of the organisation runs harmoniously and in the same manner regardless of the hierarchical level.

The foundation of DLM is, first and foremost, knowing oneself really well. This kind of leadership enables both companies and their employees not only to adjust to challenges without stress, but also to use challenging situations as an opportunity to develop their potential, increasing worker satisfaction and consequentially the profit of the company.

The Dynamic Leadership Model helps us avoid most of the problems within a company that arise from the personality traits of employees or business partners, since it enables the control of emotions, and from everyday changes in the market.

The Dynamic Leadership Model establishes organisational, legal and human resource structures that can easily adjust to the current market situation. Since we live in an extremely fast-changing environment, these dynamics must be taken into consideration when strategically managing business systems.

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“There is no need to eat the entire pot of soup to know what the soup tastes like.” – Milan Krajnc

The Dynamic Leadership Model

The e-Book for success

“The Dynamicleadership model” will change your perception. The purpose of this book is to present a model of dynamic leadership which in more than a hundred cases has proven itself to be an excellent method for overcoming both professional and personal crises, as well as for managing challenges so that they do not even get to the crisis stage.

The Dynamic Leadership Model is a business paradigm for the direction, organisation and communication strategies of a company that prevents the personalities of those people who actively shape the business from influencing the it. The entire model is based on the laws of nature.

Once ‘Crisis Captain’ Milan Krajnc gets to know the employees, he can predict their decisions and next actions. He is a ‘business oracle’ – but there is nothing supernatural about what he does. Everything is based on the laws of physics and the knowledge that the personality which influences the process the most is that of the director. Once he or she changes their behaviour, the causes of the acute problems are also eliminated.

This book describes many successful cases where the Dynamic Leadership Model had a powerful impact on the successful transformation of a company.

“Follow my advice, so that you don’t make the same mistakes I did.” – Milan Krajnc

CATEGORIES: business success, personal growth, motivation, lifestyle
PAGES: 110
YEAR: 2017
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Sessions with Milan were efficient and real, he provokes you to open up and share information. I am always surprised how quickly he finds the problem you are dealing with, he understands it. A clear conclusion and advice about the solution follow very quickly. Milan is a trustworthy person.

– Hans van der Goes –
a businessman from London, specialised in the international fresh produce industry

After using this method and working in accordance with the prescribed plan many things changed: my mission in life and the path I am taking have become much clearer. I am now spontaneously focusing on people and things which are truly important for me and at the same time am excluding all the ‘waste’ form my life! I have found my own rhythm and I live with a greater inner peace.

– A Swiss entrepreneur –

Milan Krajnc made a great impression on me with his intuitive abilities to “read” what is going on with the leader he is coaching. I have observed him at work and saw up close how leaders relax when they feel seen. He is able to give them support to be able to release their blocked energy. He taught me very valuable skills, among others also the Theta Healing method. I was most grateful for all the energy he “sent” me from a distance, it protected me for months from colds I kept having. Milan is a talented man with a big heart. His methods can be of help to many leaders of companies and organisations.

– Deborah Henderson –
founder and director of the Centre for Inspired Leadership, London

He is capable of using and interconnecting his deep intellect with common sense – of which he has no shortage. Thus, he can help you efficiently as coach and mentor.

 – Lawrence Bloom –
Secretary General of the Be Earth Foundation, a UN Inter Governmental Organisation

In the business world, personal matters are usually separated from business ones. According to my experience with Milan Krajnc, this exceptional man, this is not so. I immediately felt I could trust him. The trust developed into a true friendship. I have noticed that this happens to everyone who works with him or meets him. Milan lives the method he teaches! He uses his strength but with gentleness and sensitivity. He is a real Crisis Captain! I would recommend everyone dare to go on the path of transformation with him.

– Miha Pogačnik –
a virtuoso violinist and leadership expert, Cultural Ambassador of the Republic of Slovenia

Upon meeting Milan, I felt a connection almost immediately, after a few minutes. He soon showed me depths very few other people have managed to show me thus far. Milan has the ability to help you become aware of yourself in a way you are as yet unaware of. And with this awareness we can grow in a way that traditional coaching cannot take us. Working with him long distance suited my busy schedule. I am thankful to him from the bottom of my heart for the great results. Those were three of the most intensive months of my life and business so far.

– Simon Lamb –
director of Leadership, Culture and Organisation Development, London