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She asked me: “Why does the life of strong people go down so often? And why are people afraid of strong people? ”
I answered her, “Life tests strong people to see how they will rise, how they will ascend. Leave the weaklings alone, because they are always on their knees anyway.
Maybe they are afraid of you because you are honest and so pure. Because you force them to drop their masks.
– Maybe they are afraid of you because you are too honest in a time when people are attracted to beauty. You are attracted to people who manipulate words, people who know how to turn a lie so that it sounds more attractive than the truth.
– Maybe your truth is too much for people who do not want to taste the original; too much for people who only want cream on the cake.
– Maybe you scare them because you know exactly what you want and what you do not, while everyone else is lost when they try to find out the same thing.
– They may be so lost in their insecurity that they repel anyone who has confidence in themselves. Or they have simply become so accustomed to people who have no self-confidence and who do not understand and do not know who they are.
– Maybe they are afraid of you because you do not want to participate in their games, where everyone is so obsessed with winning that the loser is anyone who does not play.
– Maybe you are surrounded by people who are so good at the game that they do not know what it’s like on the other side and do not want to go back to the beginning.
– Maybe they are afraid of you because you tell them what they do not want to hear and because they have gotten used to telling them lies.
– Maybe they want to believe in the illusion that was created for them, and not want to see who they really are.
– Their words may be so unfamiliar to them that they simply do not understand or believe them.
– Maybe you scare them because you distract their attention. They do not forget what they said when they were angry or hurt. You draw attention to their eyes and their body language, to the tone of their voice and their pronunciation.
– They may not be used to being seen or heard. Therefore, they are uncomfortable with your attention because it means they have to take off their masks.
– Maybe they are afraid of you because you know they are afraid, but you are still not careful.
– Maybe you are careless with your heart and your feelings and they do not know what to do with them, they do not know what to do with something that destroys their stability, their routine or their reality.
– Maybe your heart is beating faster and they cannot keep up with your pace.
– Maybe they are afraid of you because you do not need them. Because you do not really need them. Because they know you can live without them. Because they know you will not wait for them. Because they know you will stand up for yourself. Because you are not going to let yourself be just another number on their list.
– Maybe you scare them because you only value yourself, because you are strong enough to walk away, and because you are smart enough to know how much you are worth.
– Maybe they are so used to sitting on the throne that they just have nowhere else to be. Stop scaring them with your sincerity, your feelings, your kindness, your love, your understanding, your words, your eyes, your presence and your ability to read them.
Keep reading them until you find someone as brave as you. Someone who is not easily intimidated. Someone as strong as you. ”
I searched for the most appropriate words to tell her what she really has inside her. But no man can tell a woman as well as a woman can tell a woman, so I remembered the words of Clarissa Pinkole Estes, author of Women Running With Wolves: “We all long for the wilderness. Culture severely limits the healing of this longing. They taught us to be ashamed of that desire. We let our hair down and hid our feelings behind it. But the shadow of wolves still Wild Woman lurks behind us, day and night. Let us be everywhere, the shadow that breaks behind us is certainly four-legged. “

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