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Theta Healing is a revolutionary technique of treating and meditation, which allows physical, mental and spiritual oriented treatment with a view through the single universal energy.

The Theta Healing method does not link to any religion, is not specific to any age or gender. In the implementation of Theta Healing is only important that you believe in the fact that they can all learn to change their beliefs about themselves and others, and believe in universal connectivity with the field of unity and source of everything that exist. When we connect with the Source our brain waves are automatically moved into the Theta state awareness. There are several different frequencies of brain waves: Beta, Alpha, Theta, Delta and Gamma. Brain waves are constantly in motion and create all kinds of frequencies. Everything we think and do regulate precisely this frequency.

Scientists have found that the frequency of Theta brain wave, on which the method Theta Healing-a is based, helps to:

  • reduce stress and promote long-term decline of vision problems in people who show concern

  • accelerate deep physical relaxation and mental clarity

  • promote speech ability and IQ verbal expression

  • synchronize operation of the two brain halves promote memory, spontaneous thinking, imaginative creation, reduce pain, promote well-being and secretion of endorphins

With the help of these waves and the connection with the Source of our consciousness, it is possible to achieve everything and to change everything. With the Theta Healing they become creators of their lives.

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