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I have used the BlackBerry phone from the beginning, firstly because it was the first business phone and very useful, and secondly because it has remained true to its security. Although it disappeared from the media and advertising for a while, they were still being made, so I have never been without it myself.
However, it is true that I am one of the few users of this phone. Just in time someone asked me if I had accidentally bought it in an antique shop. I did not buy it in an antique shop, but I order it online, on the official website:
They can follow their telephony messages on the website. If you are on the home page of, you will see that they are exclusively focused on security.
And why do I stay with BlackBerry after all these years, even though most of the world is on Samsung or Apple! Simply because it is still the best business phone in the world. Phones are primarily designed to optimize time, meaning we get certain things done faster and are available to us when we need them most.
So you could say that the purpose of telephones is to give us more time for our lives. However, with most people I have found that they waste too much time on the phone and do not even feel like living life, but they are completely trapped in the virtual world.
If we want, BlackBerry can also take us into the virtual world. But he makes it so that it really gives us real life. When I developed the Dynamic Leadership Model, I also looked for technologies to support it. Because the most important thing Dynamic Leadership is that things do not duplicate, that we know exactly where something is, and that we do not pile up psychological rubbish.

BlackBerry has an (INBOX ) HUB -application, i.e. it collects in one place all information that happened during the day, sorts it by hours (calls, SMS, e-mail, all notifications from different networks … so that all activities record us by the hours we did during the day). Why this is an advantage. The basic task of the Dynamic Leadership Model is to end each day separately so that we can make an analysis of the day and conclusions, BlackBerry allows us to do this in a few minutes. And at the same time it allows us to plan the next day.
Disorganization is what causes psychological garbage, costs quality time, puts us in a bad mood, causes pain, headaches … BlackBerry solves all this in one go.
And the other is the physical keyboard.
The BlackBerry is the phone of the future, because we are beginning to live by the laws of nature!

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