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Life energy is flowing through everything and everyone on this planet; is one of the most pristine and untouched which is reflected as an inner happiness and satisfaction and trigger a deeper understanding of ourselves.If this is open we are, with ourselves in perfect harmony, which also has a beneficial effect on all around us.Whoever opens REIKI, opens life energy. Reiki is the birthright of everyone who is born into this world.


Nowadays, many feel the opposite – a deficit of vital energy; we’re trapped in the stress, rush, unhealthy lifestyles in their own limiting beliefs and fears, that prevent the energy to flow freely through our body. This can greatly weaken our system, which leads to disease.


The basic law of nature is the balance in psychophysical terms, this means health; so we have space to help “provide” REIKI – a system of treatment with laying on our hands, long distance healing using life force, that is within ourselves and in everything that lives.


At the beginning, the future Reiki therapist must have a step of first-degree. This starts the Reiki operation. Then there are also some versions of II. And III. Degrees. The last degree is the master level. With each of these progresses it also increases the healing capabilities.


Reiki is designed for the both self-medications, as well as treating other people, animals, plants, places, planet and everything that exists. This is done by laying the hands on the client or send via energy conscious thoughts that gives free rein to the healthy flow. Even if you are sending Reiki 5,000 miles away, it still works because the energy is not aware of time and space; there are also reiki symbols, each of which has its own specific features that further enhance the effectiveness of the therapy. Reiki energy goes very deep; it does not treat just the physical level but also the mental, emotional and spiritual. It penetrates to the very causes of diseases and problems. Effectively, releasing trapped emotional energy, help in resolving harmful thought patterns, relieves symptoms of the disease in the physical body (very quickly heals wounds and injuries), to assist in resolving interpersonal relations. Shortly, we can say that is a comprehensive support in our development. It also means that we might be forced to change our former lifestyle, face your fears and take greater responsibility for our own health. A lot depends on us, reiki is at all helpful.


Usually people on a reiki session describe different feelings; heat, cold, tingling as well as pain, can be triggered restrained emotions such as sadness, anger, sudden attack of laughter or crying. Some feel reborn again in the other state of consciousness significantly changed and it takes quite some time “to come back”. Many times, however, both the client and the therapist feel a “higher” connectivity, which is the result of a strong healing charge.


It is said that Reiki is the birthright of everyone who is born into this world. So, it’s not something you should learn. Is already in us and already well mastered. When we are away from our true nature, we forget him, but now we may have an internal desire, perhaps, forcing the situation to once again realize its true value. It is a tool that helps us to easily enter in contact with our higher self, which is a “great healer”.

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