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The dynamic leadership model is based on the laws of nature. A company can be managed in the same way. Nature runs its processes in a non-stressful manner, without bounding time schedules and yet in the end everything happens in its due time and the way it was supposed to happen.


The purpose of the training is to learn how to manage a company the way it should be managed, no games, no stress and no critical situations. We shall teach you what you have not heard at any school yet.


  • All is simple when using Dynamic Leadership Model
  • You will learn the basis of psychology, nature, relationships, management and so much more.


The main advantages of the Dynamic Leadership Model are:

  • you get to know yourself extremely well,
  • you learn to see simple solutions in all critical situations and crisis,
  • you are able to use your time to the maximum in there are no empty spaces left,
  • you can develop all the time and make progress, there are no more standstills in your life,
  • the goals are clearly set,
  • your business plan is secondary to your personal plan,
  • you are able to keep your business and personal life separate,
  • there is no negative stress,
  • the process develops your potentials,
  • clear communication,
  • equally distributed responsibilities,
  • you are able to live your dreams.


The training is divided into 4 modules. In each module the training is carried out for the entire model. The most important thing is the balance between the four modules.


1: MODULE: PERSONAL TRANSFORMATION – the basis of Dynamic Leadership Model is knowing oneself well, because if we know ourselves well, we know what we want, what our abilities are and what we must do to make progress. Emphasis in this part is given to the psychology of one’s personality, leadership and relationships. We give ourselves the answers to the questions who we are and where we are going.

Duration period: 25 hours



2: MODULE: BUSINESS PROCESSES – are much like the river canals, watering the entire area we live on and which nourish us, so they must be routed optimally. The same goes for business processes, once we know exactly where we are going, we create optimal processes with regard to the legal and communicational parameters. The emphasis is placed on learning about nature, natural processes and solutions, and above all, how to look on the legislation and administrative procedures from a different perspective, so that we do not experience stress and additional unnecessary costs.

Duration period: 10 hours


  1. MODULE: COMMUNICATION – is much like a stream of water in nature. If it is pure, clear and drinkable, then everything around it is healthy and alive, if there is a shortage of water on the other hand, puddles are created and when unpleasant smell and taste appear, each person starts looking for his or her own way out, and if there is too much water, all that is ‘healthy’ might disappear. Therefore, an appropriate amount of information and communication must be chosen. We will learn to understand the person we are communicating with and be able to communicated exactly the content which needs to be told to have a successful business process. We shall study how to successfully run a management meeting which becomes the focal point of any business process.

Duration period: 15 hours


  1. MODULE: PROJECT OFFICE – project oriented manner of work and project office are a perfect copy of how nature operates. Namely nature operates by following the basics of project work. Therefore, we will get to know the basics of project management and natural processes, as well as organise your company in a form of a project office.

Duration period: 25 hours


Who is this programme dedicated to? 

  • All those who are managing a company or an institution.
  • All those who are starting their own business.
  • All those who are next in line to take over a family business.
  • All you who are of the opinion that your company is in crisis.
  • All of you who think you have reached a point beyond which there is nothing more you can do.


After finishing the training, you will receive a certificate proving you are qualified in Dynamic Leadership.


The trainings are beginning in September, workshops are carried out over the week or at weekends, depending on the group.


Each participant receives also 10 hours of personal and 10 hours of business coaching.


Maximum number of attendees per group is 12.



If you want solutions for your problems, please contact me:


About the Author:

Milan Krajnc is an expert in solving the challenges that arise from the interaction of different personality types within a company or organisation of any size and scope, from local to national levels. He is able to complete projects that are already being undertaken as well as initiate transformation from the very beginning. He seeks out the root of a problem and eliminates it. He is the creator of the Dynamic Leadership Model.

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