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Today, more than ever before, it is important for us to know ourselves, because this is the only way we can manage ourselves and our environment, otherwise we are always “the victims” of external influences.

Most often we make mistakes by pursuing material, business and status goals and forget about our needs and primary potentials. This is how we become the prisoners of the material world and of others around us.

After carefully inspecting the processes in nature, I have realized that nature carries out every change in seven steps. At The School for Personal Change we shall learn the basics of human psychology, psychology of our society and how each person is connected with nature and how we respond to others.


The education process goes through 7 modules and the time between them is also dedicated to personal growth.


Life consists of the sub-conscious and the conscious part. When we say that we do not have the feeling that we are living, we are located in our sub-conscious part, which is not at all familiar to us. Therefore, it is important that this sub-conscious part is researched through the outside part – through the messages received from our environment.


Who is the program intended for?

  • All those who organise various programmes, therapies, healings, so that they themselves can understand what they are really doing.
  • Parents, so that they can understand which phases their children are going through, to be able to direct them more easily.
  • Leaders, who emphasize the importance of human resource development, so that they can understand which phases the employees must develop through when they are encouraging them to develop their potentials, and understand how they are reacting during each of these phases.
  • All who want to understand what is “happening to them” and what steps they need to take to reach balance.


Through 7 levels of wisdom and consciousness we are going to build a complete self-awareness and get to know our sub-conscious part very well.


If we observe nature in detail, every change happens in 7 steps, which is known as the quantum leap.


1: MODULE: The Personal Shake-Up.

The First step of wisdom – diagnosis of the current situation.

Duration: 25 hours

In the first part we are going to start with the exercises for cleaning mental garbage and in this way clean away everything that does not belong into our life and is clouding our vision. At the same time, we will learn how to teach our closest family the same process, without giving them the feeling that they are being taught. We are going to learn how to be aware of our positive and negative sides. We are going to learn how to accept ourselves.

We shall answer the question: WHO AM I?


2: MODULE: The Personal Calming Stage

The Second step of wisdom – building awareness and acceptance of self.

Duration: 10 hours

Once we have “made” the space around ourselves, we can start exploring our feelings as they really are. Only in this phase we can sense ourselves the way we really are. The emphasis is placed particularly on emotional exercises.

We shall answer the question: WHAT DO I FEEL?


3: MODULE: The Personal Cleansing

The third step of wisdom – accepting the responsibility for solving own problems.

Duration: 15 hours

We begin to be aware of ourselves and our responsibilities and the influence we have on the environment. We meet our EGO and get to know it and learn how to manage it.

We shall answer the question: WHAT AM I RESPONSIBLE FOR?


4: MODULE: The Personal Goal

Fourth level of wisdom – Finding solutions.

Duration: 25 hours

Once we are completely in the phase of consciousness, we are also completely aware of our responsibilities and we are no longer looking for excuses, we take the responsibility into our own hands. We sense ourselves for the first time and we come across completely new feelings. We can say, for the first time, that we are truly free.

We shall answer the question: WHAT DO I WISH TO CHANGE?


5: MODULE: Abandoning Old Habits

The fifth step of wisdom – Decisions on how to solve our problems.

Duration: 15 hours

When we are completely “grounded”, we know exactly which path we need to take to reach the desired goal. The strategy we create at this point, is now also realized. We get to know anew the rules of life, the morals, the ethics, the freedom, etc.

We shall answer the question: HOW DO I WISH TO CHANGE?


6: MODULE: Personal Strategy

The sixth step of wisdom – taking steps toward solutions.

Duration: 10 hours

We are now living a different life and we must be adjusting our strategy along the way, since we are still living within the same environment, however having different insights and experiences and holding no expectations toward the environment. We learn to accept the environment in a different way and know how to stand up for ourselves and live our dreams.

We shall answer the question: WHAT IS THE WAY TO CHANGE LIKE?


7: MODULE: Integration of Changes into Personal Life

The seventh step of wisdom – we are saved.

Duration: 5 hours

We become the person we have always wanted to be, but in a different image, since we are living the same life and are independent from our environment.

We shall answer the question: HOW DO I FUNCTION THE NEW WAY?


The purpose of the training is to get to know oneself and recognise which phase the others are in, so that we can, with the help of our foresight, work together with them without getting ourselves into any stressful situations.


What are you going to gain? You are going to:

  • get to know yourself very well,
  • be able to see simple solutions in all critical situations,
  • learn to use your time to the fullest and have no more ‘empty’ time,
  • develop constantly and make progress – no more room for holdups in your life,
  • have clear goals at all times,
  • subordinate your professional goal to the personal one,
  • have a clear separation between your personal and professional life,
  • be free off negative stress,
  • develop the processes to support your potentials,
  • develop clear communication,
  • equally distribute responsibilities,
  • be able to live your dreams.

After finishing the training, you obtain a Certificate of qualifications for Sirius Personal Transformation.

The trainings start in September and workshops are carried out during the week or at the weekend, depending on the group.

Each attendant is also entitled to 10 hours of personal coaching.

Maximum number of attendants: 12.

Lecturer: Milan Krajnc, founder of the school


If you want solutions for your problems, please contact me:


About the Author:

Milan Krajnc is an expert in solving the challenges that arise from the interaction of different personality types within a company or organisation of any size and scope, from local to national levels. He is able to complete projects that are already being undertaken as well as initiate transformation from the very beginning. He seeks out the root of a problem and eliminates it. He is the creator of the Dynamic Leadership Model.

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